The Company

Metalsider 2 S.p.A. founded in 1964 has been operating in the field of secondary zinc production for more than 50 years. Experience alongside with constant research and investments in the new technologies let Metalsider 2 become a full member of the European leadership of zinc recovery and recycling industries. Metalsider 2 is currently able to recover and recycle up to 20,000 tons of zinc skimmings per year derived from hot-dip galvanizing of steel, and 30,000 tons of new and old zinc scrap. By recovering these waste Metalsider 2 produces zinc and its alloys which is mainly sold to companies that carry out hot-dip galvanizing of steel or produce primary zinc alloys such as brass. We recycle all types of zinc waste and scrap extracting pure 98.5% zinc and produce zinc/nickel alloys. The process is strictly controlled in all its steps to provide a qualitative end-product, to ensure operators with safe working conditions and minimize the impact on the surrounding environment.

Our History

Idea, 1964

We started to provide top-notch Zinc production services.

Production, 2005

We greatly increased the level of production and sales of our products.

Leader, 2018

Currently we were recognized as leader in Secondary Zinc production.

Social Responsibility

We are glad to define ourselves as one of socially responsible companies. We understand we’re a part of our community and do everything to support it.

Eco Sensibility

We know it is necessary to protect the whole ecosystem, and we operate to reduce our environmental impact.