Working Process

Metalsider 2 buys following waste from hot dip galvanizing plants: zinc skimmings (ashes) that remain from hot-dip galvanizing process; zinc dross that is made of a Fe-Zn alloy and formed on the bottom of the galvanizing kettle and is periodically removed; zinc drippings and zinc powder that are residues of the same process; old and new zinc scrap. Zinc scrap gets pressed and formed into bales as it is easier to store and process it this way. Skimmings get milled thus producing zinc grain, that will be melted down together with the scrap, and fine zinc skimmings that will be sold. Zinc scrap and zinc grain get melted in two big kettles and then cast into a special pre-formed tape, turning into 98.5% zinc ingots of 25 kg each, or jumbos of 700 kg each. Zinc dross is produced weekly. On the other hand, zinc alloys with 99.995% SHG and 0.5% nickel, and 98.5% zinc and 0.5% nickel are produced in an electric furnace. It is important to note that no waste comes out of this process and the material is completely recycled.


years in recycling sector


purity of Zinco recycled


ton/year of recycled ashes


ton of recycled wastes